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Character Template

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Name: Pretty straight forward, this is your character's Name. Remember, the setting for this site is Europe so make sure the name suits where your character is from.

Title: Do people call you by any other name? This could include nicknames, professional titles, etc.

Age: Your character's age.

Gender: Male or Female?

Physical Appearance: A picture with a short paragraph describing your character's looks is acceptable. If no picture is usable, then a longer, more in depth, description is required.

Personality: This is where you will describe your character's personality in a minimum of one paragraph (More is better). Describe how your character acts, what he/she likes, dislikes, etc.

Location: What city does your character live in? Currently the only open cities are: Florence, Rome, and Venice.

Profession: What does your character do for a living besides being an assassin? What profession you choose will have a varying affect on your abilities, so choose wisely. In some situations professions can be changed, such as a guard being fired and becoming an assassin or a thief being hired by the Templar to be a spy.

Equipment: You will start with basic equipment such as leather armor and one Tier 1 weapon of your choice. Weapons and armor can be bought, repaired, or upgraded at the Fabbro (Located Here

History: This is where you will write the story of your character's life. Be descriptive as possible but avoid pointless events.

Role-play Sample: Give us a sample of how you role-play.


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